Great hook-up rates
יצרן: Ecogear
Ecogear תמונת יצרן
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The two treble hooks utilized in this head cover short bites and also bites from below, increasing your hook-up success rate. The diagonal positioning of the line eye, maintains a perfect horizontal swimming position. Also the wobbling effect has been amplified by moving the centre of gravity to the back of the jig head, thus increasing the appeal of the jig. The triangular gill shape of the head reduces the risk of the front hook becoming entangled in the line and makes the lure easy to retrieve. When used with “POWER SHAD”, “POWER SQUID”, “JUMBO PARAMAX” or “MINNOW” all you have to do is cast and wind it back in!

WeightHook SizePcs.
10g #6 2pcs.
15g #4 2pcs.
20g #4 2pcs.