PE EGI HG 240m PE0.4 - PE1.5

חוט בד צבעוני שזור מ 8 גידים - מיוחד לדייג קלאמרי
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PE EGI High Grade is aproximately 20% thinner for the same breaking strain as traditional PE lines.
Featuring a special smooth surface manufacturing process which reduces friction and increases casting distance and helps with abrasion resistance.
PE EGI HG uses an advanced colour marking system with a change of colour every 15m and black markings every few meters.
This colour marking system gives you an instant visual when casting or fishing plastics, blades or squid jigs down deep so you know how much line you have out.
Available in 240m PE0.4, PE0.6, PE0.8, PE1, PE1.2 and 180m in PE1.5
Made in Japan.